Importance of Airport Assistance and Meet & Greet Service

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Whether you are traveling on an arrival, departure, or transit flight, the Meet & Greet service can help you with all procedures and ensure that you have a fantastic airport experience.

Parents worry about their children’s ability to navigate airports, particularly security, make it to their departure gate in time, pass through immigration, find their bags, and spend hours by themselves in the airport. Even though many young travelers are experienced enough to fly alone.

Flying is the most efficient and secure mode of transportation, and it is becoming more and more popular. Online ticket purchases are available, and airlines provide several low-cost travel options to cities all over the world. We do have to go through security screenings and check-in procedures at the airport, though.

A personal assistant will meet you at the arrival gate or, in the event of departure flights, at the airport entry if you have purchased the service for both arrival and transit flights while carrying your name on board.

You will be guided through all airport procedures by the personal airport assistant, who will also help you with all

procedures and formalities without having to wait in line at the immigration, COVID-19 test, and check-in counters.

Your assistant will take care of your belongings, so you won’t have to worry about scrolling your trolleys.

Instead of taking hours, your travel to the airport will simply take a few minutes. No more wasting time in lines only to swiftly get your passport stamped or pass through a quick security check.

What is included with airport assistance?

Importance of Airport meet and greet services, Airport Assistance hub, Meet and Greet, Hand shaking, Welcome at airport

Passengers with impairments or restricted mobility traveling by air are legally entitled to assistance, frequently referred to as “Special Assistance”. This indicates that airlines and airports are expected to provide free aid and guidance, which lessens the stress of your travel.

Airport Assistance may help your child with their airport travel on the ground and in the air. Landside refers to the areas of the airport that the public can access, even if they are not flying. The areas of the airport that are only open to passengers flying there are referred to as the “air side.”

You may be qualified for assistance with immigration, customs, baggage reclaims, and even transportation to the designated landing area depending on the country visited. This could be true for some parking lots, railway terminals, and drop-off locations.

What is special assistance?

You might occasionally require extra assistance getting to and from your flights. You could be recuperating from surgery or dealing with a medical condition that makes walking challenging. It’s possible that a day or two before your trip, you stumbled, making your journey through the airport quite uncomfortable.

This is the help that the airport worker offers the traveler. Users with limited mobility who are disabled may utilize this service. The staff can assist the passenger in checking in and boarding the aircraft based on his needs.

Who at the airport may request special assistance?

Airport meet and greet services, Airport Assistance hub, Airport Airport lounge, Airport

A comfortable and stress-free flight is made possible by special help, but it’s important to keep in mind that not every passenger is eligible for this kind of service. The carrier may require the passenger to be accompanied by another individual who is at least 16 years old if the passenger is unable to comprehend simple massages from the staff, use the restroom without assistance, hold the upper body vertically without assistance, or take specialty drugs.

Specific support for the elderly

The elderly can also receive special help from several carriers. As part of the service, passengers can select a more comfortable seat and have the onboard food catered to their dietary needs, in addition to assistance at the airport.

The usage of wheelchair assistance is widespread. Airlines have also seen that some customers utilize it to skip security screening lines even if they do not require wheelchair assistance. You might have to wait a bit for your wheelchair attendant to show up due to these circumstances. Giving oneself ample time to check in and get through security is the best way to handle this situation.


Airport Meet and Greet is a specialized VIP service that assigns a local airport employee to walk with passengers around the terminal. These professionals guide travelers through the queues, paperwork, security checks, and health inspections that are a component of contemporary international flight travel.

Final words

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance the comfort and exclusivity of your trip. To make your time at the airport as simple and stress-free as possible, Airport Assistance Hub provides services that are personalized to your specific needs.  Please contact our expert team to know more about our services or the reservation procedure.

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